Jeni's being arrested on Wednesday...

Okay, here's the deal. On Wednesday, November 9th, I will be "arrested" by the March of Dimes as part of their "Jail & Bail" event. I will be raising money between now and then for my "bail" which means that I essentially am attempting to collect donations for the March of Dimes to be used in their efforts to save premature babies and lower infant mortality. I know this is short notice (as it is for me) but anything you can do to help me reach my "bail" goal would be great.
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The evil flu of doom

Yes, you heard correctly. I have been struck with the evil flu of doom. I was just innocently living my life as usual and suddenly there I am, hugging the toilet all night long--the night before we started OTP. I cried because I didn't want to call in on our first day of OTP and because I didn't understand why this couldn't have happened at a more convenient time and because I'm just kind of a sissy. So then my roommate called my work and told them that I was throwing up and that I wasn't going to call in but that I really shouldn't be working when I'm sick. So they called me and told me that it was okay if I couldn't come in. Very nice thing my roommate did for me! So today I went to work for day 2 of OTP of doom and it wasn't too bad, but they sent me home at 11:30 'cuz they said I still looked "a little green." Oh well, now to get rid of this darned stiff neck and everything will be good!
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A Fun Little Quizzle (stolen from Magikspork)

7 years ago...

How old were you? 19

What grade were you in? Sophomore in college

Where did you go to school? University of Nevada, Reno

Where did you work? Round Table Pizza

Where did you live? Reno, NV

How was your hair style? Straight, as usual, shoulder length, blonde

Did you wear braces? No

Did you wear contacts? No.

Did you wear glasses? No

Who was your best friend? I think it was either Truc-Ha or Jamie. I didn’t have a lot of friends at that awkward time early in college.

Who was your boyfriend/girlfriend? Jeremiah... Haven’t had any since after lowering my standards like that...

Who was your celebrity crush? Tom Cruise (I know, what was I thinking?)

Who was your regular-person crush? I don’t think I had one...

Were you a virgin? Yes.

How many piercings did you have? Just my ears

How many tattoos did you have? None yet...

What was your favorite band? No bands, really... Singer, probably Shania Twain

What was your biggest fear? Being alone.

Had you smoked a cigarette yet? No.

Had you gotten drunk or high yet? Drunk: a little, high: never

Had you driven yet? Nope

If so what car(s) did you use? My Chevrolegs

Which of your pets were still alive? Speedy/Turts (a turtle that we’ve had since I was seven and do not know if it’s male or female or how old it was when we got it... also, it’s name is Speedy, but we just call it Turts)

Which members of your family were not born yet? None that I can think of... We haven’t had any babies in my family for a VERY long time...

Did you know the person who sent this to you? Nope...
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Expressing the Stress... What a Mess...

Howdy! I'm still here, still alive, still trying to figure out how to pack everything to move by next weekend. Ergh! So, here's how things are looking right now. Today, I worked an 11 hour day with no lunch. What a way to start the week! Don't get me wrong--Normally I am incredibly grateful for overtime. I love to have the extra money to put toward bills and such, but this week is not the best week to have to put in a lot of extra hours. I am moving this weekend. I have only packed four boxes. My clothes from my closet are on the floor because the rod in my closet broke. (WHY?!) I am helping (or at least trying to help) Becky with a bridal shower for a friend of ours. The shower is taking place on Friday, which means I will accomplish NO packing or moving on that day. I suppose all I can do is pray that the rest of the week goes by more smoothly than today, and that I will remember to ask for help at work and at home instead of trying to take care of everything on my own. Becky is going to help me with the packing. I am incredibly grateful for that. If anyone needs me for anything before that, you can find me buried under a mountain of books and clothes, trying to dig myself out, surviving by eating the pages of a Nicolas Sparks book that I was going to throw away or burn anyway. At least a Nicolas Sparks novel is good for something...
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Well, what do you know?

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