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My Favorite Things

Today was a day for my favorite things. Yesterday was my uncle's memorial service. I was not by any means close to my uncle. I spent a lot of time at his house as a child, though most of what I remember involves my aunt--he was not there for those memories. What I do remember is watching wrestling with him. Usually I watched with my dad, and when the special events like Wrestlemania came up, my dad, my brother and I all went to my uncle's house to watch the events on pay-per-view. We all went together to watch wrestling at Lawlor. Yes, I am more red-neck than any of you thought possible. I really did watch and enjoy wrestling as a child. I even went so far as to make signs for the trips to Lawlor. I was one of the loudest people there. (Please keep in mind that all of this happened before I was even in high school.) The service was a military service at the cemetery in Fernley. Since it rained/snowed, it had to be move indoors. I did pretty well for most of it since we weren't close. But when they played Taps I lost it. I always cry when I hear Taps. I'm such a sissy. Then again, it was the first time in my life that I think I saw my dad tear up. I didn't see that even when his father died. This was my dad's younger brother. It was somewhat devasting to see my father get upset. My father is the stoic type and doesn't ever show his emotions. To see him stray from this pattern was rather difficult for me.
So anyway, today I woke up and felt like spending an entire day doing things I enjoy. I went for some retail therapy at Target. I mostly only bought things that I needed. Here is what I what I bought:
1 couch cover (originally 99.99)
My Dad's B-day Card
2 boxes Kleenex
1 pkg paper towels
1 pkg toilet paper
1 dress
1 shirt
1 shower curtain.
2 kitchen towels
2 potholders
2 120 pg. notebooks.

The game is: Guess how much I spent on all of these items. I will not reveal it until I've received some guesses.

The next thing that I did today that falls into my favorite things is "blush wine". I may or may not have finished off the entire bottle by myself. And I may or may not have continued to drink after that. I may have actually gotten tipsy. And then I may or may not have proceeded to talk to Becky for about an hour or so, while tipsy. I enjoyed our conversation during which we discussed the honest advantages of living in Nashville rather than in Reno or Vegas as a single female, as we both are.
Here's the catch: I have had dreams about marrying a single individual who is currently in Las Vegas at the age of 33.
I have also have had dreams that lead me to believe that the person that I will eventually marry is not even in Reno. So which dream am I to believe? The one that says that the person that treated me like trash will be the one that I marry at the age of 33... Or the one that says that the person that I will marry does not live in Reno, where I currently live, and have lived for my entire life.
Let me be honest for a moment... I have to say that the option that the person I will marry does not live here is much more tempting. At least then the fact that I have not met a single person who is interested in me for more than sex by the age of 28 is not entirely my fault. At least then, the fact that I spent 6 years in love with someone who didn't love me in return would not destroy all hope I have/had of finding someone, someday. I truly believe I may have better luck outside of Reno. Maybe I'm not meant to live in Reno forever. But how can I ever find our if I never leave?

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