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Why I'm a Bad Person:

Today was an interesting day.  I spoke to a lot of high maintenance people and I think I'm learning to deal with this sort of thing better.  It certainly makes it a lot easier to deal with when you don't have someone constantly losing his/her temper two seats back.  This brings me to why I am a bad person.  I am very happy that I will no longer have to work with this person.  It brought me down to constantly hear someone degrading the people on the other end of the phone line.  It made me terrified that I will eventually turn into that if I was always around it .  But I won't have to deal with that anymore and I am incredibly happy and relieved. 
Tomorrow is my uncle's memorial service.  The ice queen wouldn't let me off of work until 12:30.  The ice queen is the woman who does the schedule and she is incredibly rude to everyone in the building.  It's actually a frequent topic of conversation.  I'm not quite sure why the manager lets her get away with treating people the way that she does.  The funny thing is, her sister also works with us and her sister is one of the kindest and most cheerful people I've ever met.  It's quite an odd contrast. 
So anyway, everything is still good at work, but the ice queen is quite cruel--but at least I know that it's nothing personal because she's like that to everyone.  That makes it easier to deal with. 
So that is my report for the moment--I'm not even about to try to find anything else to say because it's time for Law and Order CI and I don't want to miss anything.

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