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About Me

This is also posted on my blog, so if you read that, don't read it again (unless you want to!)  I stole it from my friend Shontell.  If you like it, make it your own and post your results on your lj.

I AM: Flippin' short I WANT: To marry the man God has for me... Anytime now... I WILL: Run a half marathon next year. I HAVE: WAY too many shoes. I WISH: I could tell if God has really told me this or if I'm just making it up... I HATE: Bad grammar. It makes me cringe. And being late. I MISS: Having someone to hang out with late at night. I HEAR: Music... Even when there's none playing. I WONDER: How long I will have to wait. I AM NOT: As disciplined as I wish I was. I ALWAYS: Call my mom when I get home. It's a simple thing, but it makes her happy. I LAUGH: At jokes that nobody else thinks are funny. I CRY: Way more than I should, but way less than I used to. I MAKE WITH MY HANDS: My Christmas gifts every year. I WRITE: In my blog more than anywhere else right now. I REGRET: Not writing as much as I should. I NEED: Someone to hold me when I've had a bad day. (I know, I'm sappy.) I SHOULD: Spend more time writing and less time moping. (Are we noticing a theme here?) I MUST: seem like such a loser stop being so mean to myself. I DON'T: value my commitments to myself... only my commitments to others.
Tags: meme
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